Writing Prompt “Train Station”

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Theme: This post is for stories related to the prompt: “Train Station”.

Maybe while waiting for the train you have a chance encounter with a beautiful woman, perhaps you find a mysterious suitcase waiting on the platform with your name on it, perhaps the station is haunted but you’re the only one who can see the spirit of the one who threw themselves onto the tracks, perhaps you must slay the dragon living in the train station bathroom or exterminate the trolls demanding a toll for the train to pass (which is very inconvenient – making everyone late for work), perhaps it is a post-apocalyptic train station that you’ve made your home and now you must defend it from a band of marauders.

Whatever the scenario, feel free to use this image as inspiration, as it was my inspiration for this prompt.

Story Requirements: 

  • Must be in 1st person
  • The main scene must take place in a train station.

Word Count: 1200 is the word count goal, but for those more ambitious folks, it can be up to 2,000.

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  • Keep feedback and critiques to a civil and constructive level, please. Please critique stories for construction, style, flow, grammar, punctuation, and so on. The moderator has the right to delete any comments that appear racist, inflammatory or bullying.

Please Note: Comments may be considered “published” in regards to other contest requirements.

All stories are fall under general copyright laws. No part may be reproduced without the express consent of the respective author.

Story Submission Rules:
  1. Stories should be in English and your own work.
  2. Stories must fit into a single comment box, 1200 is the word count goal, but can be up to 2,000.
  3. Please title your story.


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