Writing Prompt “Black Feathers”

Theme: Black Feathers

Many writers draw their inspiration from art or images. There are so many different stories that could be told from this one detailed picture.

Use this image as inspiration for your story, it can be the image as a whole, a single part of it or several elements inside the image itself.

Dialogue Writing Prompt “River Discussion”

Theme: Dialogue Prompt “River Discussion”

Two figures argue about six {insert whatever monetary item you like) they found down by the river.

Monetary items may be anything i.e. six gold coins, six rupees, six one hundred dollar bills, six silver chests full of riches. Whatever you want.

First Person Writing Prompt “The Man in Black”

Which character will you be? First person writing prompt:
A little girl is sitting on a train next to a man in black. “What do you do mister?” She asks him.
Taking off his sunglasses with a faint smile, he says, “I make bad people go away.”

Writing Prompt “What’s Really Going On?”

Theme: What’s really going on?

Strange events have taken place, at home, work, a restaurant, anywhere you choose, that doesn’t make sense. What’s really going on?

Writing Prompt “Something Strange”

Theme: Something Strange The story must start with: (I)(He)(She)(They)(We)(It)(A Name)(The) … knew there was something strange…” Requirement: NO spaceships in…