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Bi-Weekly Story Prompts

June 21 – July 5, 2023 Writing Prompt “Figure in the Stormy Sky”

This week’s story theme: Figure in the Stormy Sky
Your story must start with these two lines:
“A crack in the sky opened, spilling light through billowing clouds sweeping across the thunderous, dark ceiling of a storm brewing.
Then we saw the figure of a winged specter, looming high in the night sky, we watched it slip through the slit in the storm.”

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Bi-Weekly Story Prompts

First Person Writing Prompt “The Man in Black”

Which character will you be? First person writing prompt:
A little girl is sitting on a train next to a man in black. “What do you do mister?” She asks him.
Taking off his sunglasses with a faint smile, he says, “I make bad people go away.”

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Bi-Weekly Story Prompts

Writing Prompt “Styx”

This post is for stories related to the contest theme: “Styx”. Take the viewpoint of the bidder, take the viewpoint of the main character, take the viewpoint of the victim (if she’s an assassin or death reaper), just have fun with it.

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Bonus Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt “The Harbor”

1200 word Flash Fiction Contest “The Harbor”, the story must start with the paragraph: “It was dark. Not pitch black, but some gray darkness that barely allowed shapes to form. All I could smell was the tang of seaweed, all I could hear was the breaking of waves.”.

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Bi-Weekly Story Prompts

Writing Prompt “Time”

New short story contest theme: “Time”.

Anything to do with time. A watch maker; a clock tower; time travel; a historical era, the essence of a musical arrangement; a pocket watch; a deadline, (as in a limited time), a rare opportunity (one-time only). Etc., etc.

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