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1st Line Prompt “20th Class Reunion”

Theme: 20th Class Reunion

Story must start with “The interrogation room door opened …”

Word Count: 1,200


  • Must be in first person.
  • Don/Doris Wilner’s murder

(you do not have to include this paragraph in your story unless you want to. If you do the words will not count towards the 1200 word count.)

The set-up

“It all started twenty-plus years ago.

I’d upset many of my classmates; it was them or me.

We’d made a date to meet at the north end of the stadium after the Friday night game.

I chickened out. He/She was more than a little unhappy—tough cookies.

At the reunion, everyone saw or heard Don/Doris slap my face. “I’ve waited twenty years to do that!”

I’d stayed longer than I’d planned and headed home.

Through the morning newspaper, I learned of Don/Doris Wilner’s murder.

There was only one suspect, and I didn’t have an alibi.”
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The writer explains to the police why they murdered Don/Doris OR why they couldn’t have murdered him/her.

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